The CYCLE program is extremely relevant to our school. More…It helped us jumpstart our reading program at the beginning of the year. It also follows in line with our school mission of teaching the whole child. As a school, we promote students learning life skills and habits of success such as, goal setting, persistence, and self- awareness. As part of the CYCLE program, students benefit from practicing those habits of success by setting goals, monitoring their own progress, and working to achieve those goals with hard work and dedication. These life skills will be relevant throughout our student’s lives and increase the opportunity for success in their future. The CYCLE program also assists us in ensuring that by the end of third grade our students will be reading at or above grade level.
– Ryan Pavone, Principal Jessup Elementary, Pasadena ISD


At the beginning of the year we had 22% of our 105 students on reading level. More…At the December mark we were at 47% and at our last mark at the percentage of students on or above grade level in reading was 61%. Of our students not on grade level, more than 50% were just one reading level behind.
– Jose Hernandez, Principal Stuchbery Elementary, Pasadena ISD


The principal and AP were both surprised by how many families were involved. More…We don’t always have a lot of parental support so it was great to see so many show up. This was the first time they had experience with the program and didn’t realize how big and well organized the program is. As the Literacy Interventionist I have had the honor of leading the program on our campus for the past 3 years. I still have younger siblings and parents stop me and ask if they get a bike this year. It is great to promote the importance of reading and have something that the students are looking forward to.
– Randi Marshall, Literacy Interventionist Heritage Rose Elementary, Fort Bend ISD


The CYCLE program has become a protective factor in our children’s academic success! More…The CYCLE program is already a tradition in our school. All stakeholders love the initiative and feel that more than ever, this program should continue. Our community has been devastated by the pandemic and rewarding our children for their achievements can positively impact their motivation. When parents sign their contracts, they feel responsible for helping their child achieve their reading goal. It’s a win-win for families and the school!
Lilian Romero, Reading Coach Eliot Elementary, Houston ISD