Steps of School Participation

When we start a campaign, we reach out to schools to see if they would like to participate. They are then required to fill in the CYCLE Wheels Deal Questionnaire. If you haven’t been contacted by us but would like to participate, go ahead and fill in the questionnaire. And yes, you have to fill it in every campaign.

Step 2 - You are Accepted

Your contact/s will be notified by us that ‘Your School is Accepted!’ for the current campaign. They will be emailed a copy of the CYCLE Campaign Data Excel Spreadsheet. Please note that a spreadsheet is individualized for each participating school.

1. Teachers work with students and guardians to determine appropriate goals.

2. CYCLE Campaign Data spreadsheet is updated to reflect student starting levels and goals. Read the Users Guide to learn how to use the Excel spreadsheet.

3. Teachers then print out the Earn A Bike Contract. The spreadsheet has a macro to take the students name and scores and print an individualized contract for each participating student.

4. Students need to get appropriate signatures for the contract. This is to inform the parents of the child’s opportunity to earn a bike, but we also hope that it creates a shared goal that parents can use to track and encourage the student at home.

5. The spreadsheet has a macro to create an anonymized XML file that you need to send to us at It should have ‘Stg-1’ as part of its name. Details on how to create the XML file can be found at

When we get near the end of the campaign period, your contacts will be notified that they need to provide the number of Bikes to be awarded and to send us a copy of your CYCLE Campaign Data XML file.

1. Update the CYCLE Campaign Data spreadsheet with student reading scores and conduct grades. The spreadsheet has a formula to automatically determine if a student earned a bicycle because they have met/exceeded their reading goal as well as receiving an ‘S’ or ‘E’ conduct grade.

2. After you have filled in all the student information with scores and conduct data, create the XML file. The files should have ‘Stg-2’ as part of its name

3. Email the ‘Stg-2’ XML file to

Step 4 - Bikes Delivered

A CYCLE School Captain will coordinate with your contact as to what will be needed to deliver awarded bicycles.

The bulk of our bikes are given out at the end of November or early December. However, CYCLE still wants to know how the students did over the whole year. Update the CYCLE Campaign Data spreadsheet, columns BOY, MOY and EOY. Create the XML file and email it to

We also notify school contacts to submit the CYCLE EOY Feedback.

CYCLE has a limited number of bicycles to provide each year.

Frankly, CYCLE cannot meet all the needs of the deserving schools that want our support. Therefore, it is important to note that schools that participate in a timely manner through all steps, do have a greater chance of getting bicycles for the next campaign.