Bicycle Build - CYCLEHouston.org

Everyone that joins our email list (9000 strong) is considered a volunteer. However we do rely heavily on a small cadre of people known as the CORE TEAM. They take the extra time and effort to handle various roles needed to get bicycles to our students.

School Captain:  Responsible for interfacing with school representatives to ensure proper counts of children participating and awarding. Ensuring arrival of bicycles and coordinating other volunteers to help with other aspects of distribution such as helmet and bicycle fitting. In some cases, they may participate in pep rally to encourage the students. This is the area of greatest need as we are planning to expand the number of schools we wish to support.

Site Setup:  Historically, we have a week long bike build event in December. Many of our volunteers will take vacation from work just to participate. Tasks include setup, tear-down, training, sales, QA, loading & a bunch of other stuff… 

Videography:  We have found that video is the best way to communicate our story and encourage donor contributions. If you have a penchant for doing videos, consider using your talents for CYCLE.

Web Site Support:  Yep, we save money by having a volunteer maintain this website. If you have a background in web development and have some spare cycles, by all means contact us.

CYCLE Advocate:  If you have “stage presence” and no problems getting before crowds of corporate types to encourage them to donate or to encourage children and parents to participate in a CYCLE campaign, then speak up. 

Transport:  Delivering bicycles to schools are all done by volunteers. If you have an enclosed trailer or truck of approximately 26 feet or longer, we could use your help in getting bicycles to schools.

Use the Contact Us to let us know that you would like to be a volunteer and/or become a core team member.