Bicyle Builds

Bike Build - Cycle Houston

Registration for Bike Build 2018 is OPEN!

Our most impactful events are our bicycle builds. We build our bikes at NRG Center in Halls B,C&D. Since we started on our mission, we’ve awarded more than 150,000 bicycles to hard-working students in the Greater Houston area. Each of our bicycle programs lead up to these momentous occasions. Companies and members of the public make donations to help build and deliver bicycles to excited students who have worked hard for their reward.

Registration options / instructions for Bike Build 2018:

5 areas to note:

  1. Build a Bike: Dates/Times,
  2. Load Built Bikes: Dates/Times,
  3. Delivery of the Bikes to various schools.
  4. Any additional Donations,
  5. Total Number of people you are registering

You can choose to select none, one or any other combination of these options. Your $45 registration donation will go towards providing a bike for an appreciative student. If you are a family, you may register the total number of your family members here. If you would like to register other people, please fill out a form separately for them. By supporting us YOU are going to make a difference in one young childs life, and that is something you can feel good about.